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100 Free ptc credits
Published on 23-02-2019

Surf 25 sites in the trafficexchange in same surf session and get 100 free ptc credits

you can get this bonus daily.

Published on 11-01-2019

We pay members to sur our trafficexchange

Earn $0.10 per 1000 sites surfed.

You don,t need to sur all these site in the same session.

You may surf when you wish.

Referral contest
Published on 11-01-2019

Referral contest has begun today.

you find the contest by clicking on referral contest button

Moneybux new script
Published on 01-01-2019

Moneybyx with new scrip installed.

We where forced to delete the old site because bad script.

Database was deleted too because low activity rate from members 

Now we suspend all inactivemembers after 30 days, this to guarantee advertisers activity to theirs advertising on site

so we restart everything...

F.A.Q and terms will coming soon. 


Admin Advertisers Banners in Rotation all pages!